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The Pensions Authority collects contributions from employers and scheme members and invests them in order to create a pot of money big enough to pay the pensions of all members of the scheme when they become due. We are one of the biggest pension funds in the UK and consequently have a large and very diverse range of investments.

The way in which we invest derives from a set of investment beliefs which are

“SYPA is an active, global, long term investor and looks to maintain a diversified portfolio of assets managed through the Border to Coast Pensions Partnership in a responsible way which gives due regard to Environmental, Social and Governance issues aiming to achieve superior net of fees risk adjusted returns. The overall approach to risk can be summarised as moderate.”

You can find an explanation of the terms in bold in the downloads on the right.

The way in which we invest is set out in the Investment Strategy Statement which sets out how much we will invest in each of the different types of asset in our portfolio and the governance processes involved in investment decision making. within the Investment Strategy Statements page.

The Investment Strategy Statement is created within the framework of the Funding Strategy Statement which can be found in the Pensions Policies area of this site. This is the link between the actuarial valuation of the Fund’s liabilities and how they will be paid for.

You can find more details of the investments owned by the Authority, how they have performed and our involvement with the Border to Coast Pensions Partnership which pools our investments with those of 10 other local government pension funds.


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