Egress Switch FAQs

How can I access my secure email?
Egress Switch allows you to access your email securely in multiple ways;


Web based access
– the default way to open a Switch secure email is via a web browser which requires no download or installation of software.


Desktop applications
– if you want to integrate Switch Secure Email and File Transfer into your existing email client or systems for a more seamless and simplified user experience, the desktop applications are free to download and simple to install.


Mobile applications
– as workforces become more mobile it is important that you can access information securely where ever you are. Egress mobile applications integrate seamlessly with multiple mobile devices including Android, BlackBerry, iPad/iPhone and Windows Phone.


Do I need to download any software?
There is no obligation to download the Egress software, all secure email services are available online for free through Switch Web Access. Regular users may want to install the Egress Switch desktop and mobile apps which can be downloaded free of charge from


How do I open a Secure Email online using Switch Web Access?
To do so, click on the link inside the email to access the Secure Email, this will prompt you with a sign-in page asking for your Switch ID and password. If you do not yet have a Switch ID, please refer to the registration process detailed within the
Quick Start guide . After signing in, the Secure Email will then open. Attachments can be opened by simply clicking on them.


How do I reply to a secure email online?
Once you have been able to sign in to view the secure email, a reply button is displayed that you can click on the top left-hand side. This will display an email editor allowing you to compose your reply. You can add optional attachments by clicking the 'Choose File' or 'Browse...' button above the email body.

Once you have finished writing your message and added any attachments required, you are ready to send your message securely.


Please note:
before pressing 'Send Secure' it is recommended that you ensure the 'Send me a copy of this email' option is ticked so you have a copy of the email.


Why am I getting a message saying access denied?
When you see this message it is because you are not an authorised recipient of the secure email, this could be for one of the following reasons:
      • The email address that the secure email was sent to is different to the email address that you are using to sign into your Switch account.
      • The secure email was forwarded to your email address, meaning that you were not the original recipient of the email. To gain access to the package you need to request access from the author of the email. You will have the option to do this below where you are seeing the ‘Access Denied’ message; once the author has granted you access you will be notified via email.

If you work from a shared mailbox or regularly require access to secure messages sent to colleagues, permission can be delegated and access shared between the accounts. Please see the FAQ below, What if I work with a group/shared mailbox?


What if I work with a group/shared mailbox?
If you work from a group or shared mailbox and are regularly receiving access denied messages, you may benefit from setting delegated permissions to Egress Switch account. You can do this using the steps below:

  1. Connect to and logon as the “group” account e.g.
  2. Open Access Settings from the My Account Menu

  3. Select the option for “My account and the following accounts”, enter the relevant e-mail addresses in the box below (separate with a semi colon ;) and check the “Group mailbox. The accounts above can see and modify my sent packages”

  4. Save the changes and you should now be able to access Egress switch messages from the specified accounts when sent to the group account. If any issues are experienced during this process or additional guidance is required, please contact Egress support -


How do I reset my password and security questions?

I have forgotten my password but know my security questions and answers:
» If you have forgotten your Switch password, but remember your security questions and answers you can reset your password using the Forgot Your Password? option on the Egress Switch Logon page.

I have forgotten my password and also the answers to my security questions to reset my account:
» Please log a ticket with Egress Support and Customer Services can reset your account.


How do I obtain further support?
Please visit the Egress Support site to create a support ticket, chat with the Egress support team online or contact them by phone.


Where can I find user documentation and tutorials?
SYPA have created a complete guide to registering, logging on and using the service which can be found here . Please refer to the Egress website for additional documentation or to view the video tutorials (links are in the left-hand column above).