How to become a South Yorkshire Pension Fund employer

To become a SYPF employer you will need to be a body listed in  Schedule 2 of the LGPS Regulations 2013

Organisations such as; County Councils, District Councils, Academies and further and higher education corporations are named in the LGPS regulations as scheme employers and automatically participate in the scheme.

Administering authorities can admit organisations that are not automatically scheme employers but who satisfy certain other conditions. These are called 'admission bodies'.

Admission bodies fall into two main categories:

    A body that has a community of interest with Local Government employers. It is a 'not for profit' organisation and is admitted to the Fund by way of an Admission Agreement.
    A company that has taken on work on behalf of a scheme employer by means of a contract or other arrangement and is admitted to the Fund by way of an admission agreement.

    Employees of an admission body can join the LGPS if the admission agreement allows it.

    If you are a school and are considering converting to an academy, please visit our Academies page.

You can learn more by visiting our admission body page.