Support and Engagement

Support and Engagement Team are here to do just that….support and engage with employers, new and established, their internal and external payroll providers and of course scheme members.

If you are a new employer please make sure that you now fully complete your Point of contact form [278 kb]

To help guide you through your responsibilities as an employer in the Local Government Pension Scheme we recommend that you book a handover meeting. In the meeting we will go through your responsibilities, show you around the different sites that you may need in carrying out your employers function and will also give you chance to ask any general questions. .

For new and established employers and their agents we have a range of presentations/training sessions on offer. Please visit our training session’s info page. Interested in booking use the enquiry form to check our availability.

To support you, as well as having a dedicated email address we also have demos and procedure guides on how to use our systems and to provide the information we need in the correct format.

We know that not all relevant parties may have access to Epic our Employers Information Centre so in a future release we will add information and Guidance along with the forms needed for Ill Healths to our page.

To help scheme members understand their pensions and options they have when planning for their retirement we offer a range of presentations/information sessions for them. Again please visit our training session’s info page.
Missed out on any general notifications or news or just want to read the articles again find them here.