Training sessions

Employer Training Sessions

In this section we have several training sessions that Employers can arrange for further development and training. Engaging with Employers, HR, Payroll and Finance teams to promote a better understanding of the Local Government Pension Scheme and Employers responsibilities. Each session also gives delegates a chance to ask questions.

These sessions are currently provided over MS Teams. To enquire about booking a Training Session please use the booking form.

If you would like a bespoke Training Session that includes several topics, we can arrange this. Please include this in the Booking form in the Message section.

Suitable For Contents & Purpose Duration
HR staff /business managers Forms that are needed and where to find them
Ill Health Criteria and different Tiers
Ill health process from engaging a Panel Doctor
Positive Recommendations
Negative Recommendations and appeals
60 to 75 minutes

Suitable For Contents & Purpose Duration
HR staff /business managers Why use employer quote facility
What information you need before you start
Where to look
How to run a redundancy Retirement
How to run a flexible retirement quote
Where are documents stored
Demo of system
30 to 45 minutes

Suitable For Contents & Purpose Duration
whoever answers queries on employers web Data forms
High priority queries
Standard Queries
Group trays
Work tray and how to use it
Work finder
RAG alert - what it is and how we use it
30 minutes

Suitable For Contents & Purpose Duration
Payroll staff What is a termination form
When one needs completing
Where to find it on employer web
How to complete it on employer web
Demo of the form
30 minutes

Suitable For Contents & Purpose Duration
HR and payroll and business managers Overview of Hr and Payroll
Payroll Responsibility
Information Required
Employer Discretions
EPIC/Employers Web
Monthly Data Collection
Retirements/Death in Service
2- 2 ½ hours

Suitable For Contents & Purpose Duration
HR staff and business managers Employer Discretions
EPIC/Employers Web
Retirements/Death in Service
60-75 mins

Suitable For Contents & Purpose Duration
Payroll staff Covers Payroll including working examples (calculators required):
Understanding Pay inc. Calculation Sheets
Completing Termination Forms
Employers Web
2 hours

Suitable For Contents & Purpose Duration
Business Manager, Finance Initial funding: including any past service deficit and employer contribution rates
Ongoing Funding: including scheme valuation,
Retirement Categories- any that need employers consent and may incur costs.
Discretionary Policies- Compulsory, Recommended and Optional.
Annual Accounting
Outsourcing Services: includes Future pension provision, process of Actuary Assessment, fund provision and Liabilities upon cessation of contract.
Communication: includes day to day contacts both SYPA and employer as well as correspondence and training forums.

General Scheme administration- overview of how to inform us of member events. How to make contribution payments, monthly Direct Debits and pension forecasts. Contribution certificates.

Employer Pensions Information Centre – full tour of the system including alerts and a look at the Employers Page on our website.
2 hours