Change of Bank Overseas

If you would like us to pay your pension payment into your overseas bank account please download and complete the form below. We will then instruct Western Union to complete the transaction.

Western Union® is an international payments service that enables overseas pensioners to receive payments directly into their bank accounts via secure electronic means. Western Union are the leaders in global payment services and provide fast and easy payment solutions. Their innovative services are ideal for sending overseas pensions virtually anywhere, any time. For our members Western Union offers simplicity and reliability.

Their Payment Solutions are often faster, easier and more secure than conventional payment methods. In over 200 countries and territories, transacting in more than 130 currencies.


Antigua and Barbuda [106kb] Australia [111kb]
Austria [109kb] Bahamas [107kb]
Bangladesh [109kb] Barbados [106kb]
Belgium [109kb] Bulgaria [110kb]
Canada [110kb] China [82kb]
Cyprus [110kb] Denmark [109kb]
Dominica [106kb] Dominican Republic [110kb]
Ecuador [107kb] Finland [109kb]
France [40kb] Germany [109kb]
Ghana [107kb] Greece [109kb]
Grenada [106kb] Guinea-Bissau [108kb]
Guyana [106kb] Hong Kong [109kb]
Ireland [109kb] Israel [109kb]
Italy [109kb] Jamaica [107kb]
Kenya [108kb] Luxembourg [109kb]
Malaysia [106kb] Malta [109kb]
Mauritius [109kb] Monaco [109kb]
Morroca [109kb] Nepal [109kb]
Netherlands [109kb] New Zealand [110kb]
Nigeria [107kb] Norway [108kb]
Oman [106kb] Pakistan [109kb]
Peru [109kb] Philippines [106kb]
Poland [109kb] Portugal [109kb]
Saudi Arabia [109kb] Singapore [108kb]
South Africa [109kb] Spain [109kb]
Sri Lanka [107kb] St Kitts and Nevis [107kb]
St Lucia [107kb] St Vincent and Grenadines [107kb]
Sweden [109kb] Switzerland [109kb]
Thailand [106kb] Trinidad and Tobago [106kb]
Tunisia [109kb] Turkey [109kb]
United Arab Emirates [109kb] United States of America [109kb]