Transfer Your Pension

Transferring your benefits to another pension scheme

If you (or your client) have left the LGPS you may wish to consider transferring your benefits out of the scheme. You can even transfer your LGPS pension to an overseas pension scheme provided that it meets certain conditions set by HM Revenue and Customs.

Please note however, you cannot transfer your benefits (other than AVCs) if you leave less than one year before your Normal Pension Age.

You can only transfer benefits from the LGPS if you have not already drawn benefits from the LGPS (either in your current employment or any earlier employment). Also, if you hold more than one deferred benefit in the LGPS in England and Wales (either in the same or separate LGPS Pension Funds), you will be required to transfer all or none of the benefits you hold. It is not possible to transfer one deferred benefit whilst retaining another deferred benefit in the LGPS.

If you are thinking of transferring your pension benefits out of the LGPS you should be aware of pension scams, where people may be tricked into handing over their pension pots. Millions of people fall victim to scams every year. Please follow the link LGPS member site opens in new window to find out how to protect yourself against scammers.