Investment Pooling

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Investment Pooling

Border to Coast logoOur Investments are now largely managed by the Border to Coast opens in new window Pensions Partnership which is a company owned by SYPA and 10 other local government pension funds.

Border to Coast’s job is to develop a range of investment products which can be used by the 11 Pension Funds to deliver their agreed investment strategies. The first products were launched in 2018 and it is anticipated that the final products will launch in 2023.

Border to Coast provides a mix of products. In some products the company’s own staff invest the money, while in others the money is invested by combinations of various external asset management companies.

SYPA invests in a number of the Border to Coast products with the largest allocations being to the equity funds managed by the Company’s own staff some of who transferred from SYPA when the Company launched.

Border to Coast is overseen by a Joint Committee made up of the Chairs of the participating pension funds.