About us

Our HQ on Regent Street, Barnsley

We are responsible for administering the Local Government Pension Scheme in South Yorkshire. The Authority formally consists of 12 Elected Members nominated by the four South Yorkshire district councils. They act as quasi-trustees and have ultimate legal responsibility for the Fund and the services that we provide. Their priorities are to maximise pension fund investments, focus on the service we provide to fund members and to have a close relationship with the fund employers.


Authority meetings are serviced by the Joint Authorities governance unit.


We were set up in 1988, after the abolition of the Metropolitan County Councils in 1986. We maintain, invest and administer the South Yorkshire Pension Fund on behalf of over 500 contributing employers and some 154,000 members. Predominant amongst the contributing employers are the district councils of Barnsley, Doncaster, Rotherham and Sheffield and the civilian arms of the Fire and Police Services.



Our Head Office in Regent Street, Barnsley is home to both our Administration Unit and our Investments Division. We also have satellite offices in each of the four districts providing local administration services to both employers and members. In total we have just over a hundred staff.


We are a committed equal opportunities employer and are dedicated to the principles of efficiency and value for money. We monitor, measure and publish our performance against Best Practice Industry Standards and our own Customer Charters. We are proud holders of the Customer Service Excellence award.