Officer Decisions

Much of the work of SYPA is carried out by the Authority’s staff (officers) who take a wide range of decisions under a scheme of delegation which is part of the Authority’s constitution. As a public body committed to high standards of openness and transparency SYPA considers it is important that the details of significant decisions taken by officers are published.
The decisions which are published here have been taken either by a member of the Authority’s senior management team, or by one of the Statutory Officers (the Clerk, the Monitoring Officer, or the Treasurer).
Details of some decisions are confidential, for example if they concern a particular individual, and in these cases a summary setting out the nature of the decision taken is published.


    File Date Size  
2021-008 Termination Edwards Commercial Cleaning North Ltd 780 07/04/2021 214 K DOWNLOAD
2021-007 Outwood Primary Academy Woodlands 09/03/2021 212 K DOWNLOAD
2021-006 Part 2 Border to Coast Exec Pay 22/02/2021 212 K DOWNLOAD
2021-005 Peak Edge MAT HQ 17/02/2021 211 K DOWNLOAD
2021-004 Border to Coast 2021 Strategic Plan and Budget 11/01/2021 209 K DOWNLOAD
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