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The NHS and Social Care Coronavirus Life Assurance Scheme 2020 - Update

Following our previous post on the Government’s Coronavirus Life Assurance Scheme, further guidance has now been released.


The Government scheme is non-contributory and pays a £60,000 lump sum where staff die as a result of COVID-19 and had been recently working in frontline roles and locations where personal care is provided to individuals who have recently contracted COVID-19.


The latest release details include:


Who’s Covered - Within children’s social care the scheme covers child and family social workers employed or engaged by local authorities working in high risk circumstances including agency staff. It also covers those working for organizations that receive public funding to deliver children’s social care services includes employees, agency workers and contractors in children’s residential and secure homes or other settings where there is deemed to be a high risk of exposure which could not be avoided due to the nature and location of the work being carried out such as residential special schools.


The Claims Process - The claim form will need to be certified by the deceased’s employer.


Payment - Once a completed form, from the employer, has been received, the Government will process the application and pay the life assurance lump sum into the bank or building society account of the Estate or issue a cheque to the claimant.


Further details including a link to the claim form can be found here


For the full rules of the scheme download the document:  Full Scheme Rules


The scheme is time-limited, providing cover for the duration of the pandemic. However please be aware that any death benefits payable under the Coronavirus Life assurance scheme is separate to any benefits payable under the Local Government Pension Scheme (LGPS). Further information about the LGPS death benefits can be found here: LGPS Death in Service Benefits


Contact Details

The employer of the deceased is there to provide support through the claim process. If you have any questions about the Coronavirus Life Assurance Scheme 2020 claims process, please speak with the employer. If they are not able to help, you can contact the helpline on: Telephone: 0300 330 3331

Date 26/05/2020    

The NHS and Social Care Coronavirus Life Assurance Scheme 2020

The Secretary of State for Health has announced that staff who are performing vital frontline NHS or social care work during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak may be eligible for a life assurance scheme, recognising the increased risks they are currently facing.


Very little detail is known at the moment, however when further information regarding the life assurance scheme is made available, we will publish details here on our website.


Life Assurance Announcement


Date 18/05/2020    

Q & A for scheme members

Date 23/04/2020    

Phone Lines Open

Our phone lines, which were temporarily switched to voicemail while we were setting up and adapting to working remotely, are now open again. You can contact us on 01226 772923 during office hours Monday - Thursday 8:30am - 5:00pm and Fridays 8:30am - 4:30pm.

You can still access your pension records online any time of the day at

Date 19/04/2020    

FAQs - how your pension might be affected

The coronavirus (COVID-19) is affecting the UK workforce, with many workers absent due to sickness, self-isolation or being ‘on furlough’ Read the LGPS member FAQs for information about how your pension might be affected, paying additional pension contributions and the 50/50 section of the LGPS.





Date 15/04/2020