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Additional Pension Contributions (APC) Modeller – update

...which will provide members with a facility to determine whether they would want to buy lost pension in the LGPS. In addition the modeller will allow members to obtain a quote and make an election to pay additional pension contributions (APCs) to buy extra pension. Members will be able to print off an election form to issue to their employer and the Pension Fund. The LGPC aim to have the modeller available for use by all pension funds by the end of April.

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Absence Due To A Trade Dispute

What effect an absence due to a trade dispute has on pension rights and examples of how much it will cost to buy-it back can be found on our website.
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Please Note:
All pensions in payment or built up before April 2014 will be protected. If you are currently in receipt of a pension or have left with a preserved benefit then the changes to the Scheme from 2014, referred to in this section, do not affect you.