Joining the scheme

The Local Government Pension Scheme is a national scheme specifically for employees of local councils and other related employers. Nationally the scheme has over 1.5 million contributing members and large numbers of pensioner and deferred benefit members.

The rules of the scheme are contained in statutory regulations and cover a multitude of events that can affect the scheme member during their time in the pension scheme and after leaving.

At SYPA we have produced a scheme booklet and many individual subject based booklets to tell you all you need to know about the rules of the scheme and how they might apply to you. These booklets can be downloaded from our publications page.

However if you want to find out about the many benefits the scheme has to offer through an easy to use website, we have linked with the Local Government Employers (LGE) to provide you access to the national Local Government Pension Scheme website This website is updated and maintained by the LGE and contains sections for each type of membership of the scheme.  It is here where you can access a Contribution calculator or to help you understand how a pension account works; a Pension account modeller  

The LGE also provides a guide, including a questions and answers section, for existing members who moved over to the new scheme on 1st April 2014. It is available to view on

How to Join the Scheme

Top ten reasons to join
  1. Your employer shares the cost – In fact employers contributions are significantly higher than those paid by scheme members
  2. Life cover of three years pay - from the second you join. Unlike other forms of life insurance, there's no medical - it's open to all.
  3. If you are a taxpayer you get tax relief on all your contributions - even on extra payments you make to top up your pension.
  4. At retirement you will receive a pension for life with an option to convert some of it to a tax free lump sum.
  5. There are no hidden fees or charges - you simply pay a percentage of your pay.
  6. Two years membership is all that is needed to build up a pension so if you leave before retirement you will still receive a pension when you eventually retire.
  7. No investment risk - you get a guaranteed package of benefits which are backed by law.
  8. Protection for you in case you have to draw your benefits early through permanent ill health.
  9. Protection for your loved ones in the form of pensions for dependants if you die.
  10. Once you are drawing your pension it will go up in line with inflation, protecting you from rising prices.
At SYPA we have produced a scheme guide to introduce you to the rules of the scheme and how they might apply to you. This booklet can be downloaded from our publications page.