Process to buy extra pension

If you would like a quote for buying extra pension please use the Online calculator (please note, this is an external link to the LGPS website). You will be required to enter details such as how much extra pension you would like to buy or the amount you would like to pay. Once you have obtained a quote and you decide to proceed with buying extra pension in the LGPS, you are required to print a copy of the application form (available on the online calculator) and submit the application to both South Yorkshire Pensions Authority, Floor 8, Gateway Plaza, Sackville Street, Barnsley. S70 2RD and your employers.

Please note if you choose to go ahead with buying extra pension South Yorkshire Pensions Authority require a satisfactory medical report to be submitted, at your cost, before your application is accepted. This is because if you have to retire through ill health (Tier 1 or 2), any outstanding payments for extra pension will be deemed to be fully paid. Therefore please print this Medical declaration form and ask the examining doctor to complete. Alternatively a medical report signed by the examining doctor would be suffice providing it contained the required information. The examining doctor would also have to certify that at the time of examination it was, in their professional opinion, unlikely that you would have to retire prematurely through ill-health in the foreseeable future.

If there is a delay in a decision on whether your application can be accepted which is caused by you and you pass a birthday which results in the cost of purchasing lost pension to change, you will be asked to resubmit a new application.

Full Terms and Conditions can be found at the back of the application form.


Online calculator (external link to the LGPS website)

Medical declaration form