Unclaimed refund and deferred benefit checker

If you worked for an employer that contributes to the South Yorkshire Pension Fund and you were a member of the Local Government Pension Scheme you may have an entitlement to a deferred benefit payable from your normal retirement age or if you only paid into the scheme for a short period of time, a refund of contributions.

By entering your National Insurance Number below we will search our database and advise you if you have either a deferred benefit or an unclaimed refund and whether our records indicate we have correspondence returned from the last known address we hold for you. In other words we don’t know where you are currently living.

You can expect one of the following outcomes,  

  1. An unclaimed refund is detected
    In these cases you will then be asked to submit some more information so that we can verify it is you. After further security checks you will receive payment of your unclaimed refund*
    * The payment will consist of your own pension contributions, less an amount we have to pay over to HM Revenue & Customs to put you back into the State Second Pension Scheme, less a 10% pension fund tax. Interest for late payment is added to the net amount payable.
  2. A deferred benefit is detected
    You have a Deferred Benefit payable from your normal pension age and according to our records correspondence is being delivered to you. If this is the case you do not have to do anything further. Only if you have moved address recently and you have not informed us do you need to complete the online form available. 
  3. A deferred benefit is detected with an unknown address status
    The good news is that you do have a deferred benefit due to be paid from your normal retirement age. The bad news is that it seems we have lost touch with you. Although we will make every effort to trace you when you reach retirement age you are missing out on scheme newsletters and an annual statement showing the value of your benefits. You can submit your new address using an online form and after verification will amend our database and correspondence will resume. 
  4. An unclaimed refund or deferred benefit is not detected
    A check of our database has revealed that we do not have any unclaimed funds or a deferred benefit attached to your NI Number. If you consider this to be incorrect you will be able to complete an online form where you can submit more details about yourself and we will look into this for you.

Enter your National Insurance Number in the unclaimed refund and deferred benefit checker box below »