Payroll enquiries


A relative is unable to look after their own affairs through illness / senility. What options are available? The options available, depend on the severity of the illness. A short-term solution would be for the member to authorise us to send their pay advice to another address. To do this the member must be able to sign the appropriate forms. If you require payments to be made to someone else and the member is not fit enough to open a joint account then you must obtain a Power of Attorney document. This document is a legal document which allows you to take over the affairs of a person who is incapable of looking after themselves. Forms are available from us upon request or alternatively you may contact the Public Trust Office on 0300 456 0300. or visit their website:

I have changed my bank account / address would you please amend my records?
We can only change your bank/address details if you have registered for mypension or the pensions password service (PPS). If you are not registered for either of these services changes will have to be made in writing. This can either be done by requesting a form or by letter. Please quote your National Insurance Number and telephone number on all correspondence. If you have registered for the PPS you can change your details over the phone and we will confirm the details you have given in writing.

I wish to increase my health scheme contribution. How can I do it?
This must be arranged with the Health Scheme provider. Please contact them for a form.

Is it possible to have my pension paid into someone else’s account or can my pension be paid to a third party to settle an outstanding debt?
Your pension is non-assignable which means it cannot be paid to anyone but yourself. A joint account is acceptable providing you are named as one of the joint holders. However if we receive an Attachment of Earnings Order from the Courts (payment of fines etc) we have no option but to comply with the order. In these cases an amount specified by the court may be deducted from your pension and paid over to them.

Is it possible to receive my monthly pension by cheque?

My tax has increased this month. Why?
You have had a tax code change. If you have not received official notification from the HM Revenue & Customs, you should ring them on 0300 2003300 or write to HMRC, PAYE & Self Assessment HMRC BX9 1AS overseas tel no 441355359022 When calling you will need to quote your National Insurance Number and the reference 673/SY2

What should I do if I have not received or lost my pay advice and need one for the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP)?
Duplicate details are available upon request or you print one through mypension.

When will my pension be credited to my bank account?
Pensions are paid on the last banking day of every month. Saturdays, Sundays and Bank Holidays are not classed as banking days. If the last day of the month falls on one of these days, pay day moves to the nearest day before.

Why do I not receive a pay advice every month?
Payslips are available online through mypension. Login/register at  A pay advice is issued to all pensioners in April. These slips show the annual pensions increase, part month for April and a full month for May.