Re-employed pensioners

How getting another job may affect your pension

Getting another job may affect your pension, but It depends on when the new job started, who you are going to be working for and the type of pension you are being paid.

If you started a new job or are considering a new job after 31 March 2005 your Local Government Pension will not be affected. However we would still like you to tell us if you become re-employed with another local authority so that we can keep our records up to date.

If you started a new job with an employer who operates the local government pension scheme prior to 1 April 2005 your pension may be affected and you should inform us as soon as possible. The typical scenario which can still impact today is where a member has membership of the scheme which becomes deferred upon leaving before normal pension age. Sometime later but before 1st April 2005 the member rejoins the scheme but does not elect to combine their two periods of membership. If the member is still employed when the deferred benefit is due to be brought into payment it could be subject to a reduction or suspension until the member becomes fully retired. This is complicated so if you feel that this may apply to you please contact us for a personal assessment.

If, at any time, you were made redundant or left under business efficiency and were awarded compensatory added years you need to contact us immediately as the compensatory element of your pension could be subject to temporary reduction or suspension.