On this page you will find all the newsletters that we have issued which keep you up to date with current issues and matters that affect your pension benefits

Retirement Insight Issue 49

MAIN ARTICLES: National Fraud Initiative; GRO Screening; AFM 2018; Pension Scams; Investment Review; Fund Performance; Membership; Here to Help
Date 25/09/2018     File size  2850 K        

Pension Planning Issue 54

MAIN ARTICLES: Annual Fund Meeting 2018,  CARE Accounts Increase, New Contribution Bands, Annual Pension Forecasts, mypension, AVC update, changes to AVC contracts, Expansion of the Underpin, Announcing a retirement & new appointments, GDPR, Secure Email and Results of the 2017 AFM Survey.


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Date 09/08/2018     File size  872 K        

Your Past Is Your Future Issue 20

MAIN ARTICLES: Annual Fund Meeting 2018; Changes to AVC Contracts; Benefits Increase; Pension Account Online; GDPR; Secure Email; New Recruits; Expansion of the Underpin; AFM Survey Results 2017; Here to Help.


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Date 31/07/2018     File size  704 K        

Retirement Insight Issue 48

MAIN ARTICLES: Pensions Increase, Pay Dates, General Data Protection Regulation, Email Security.
Date 23/04/2018     File size  755 K        

Fund Review August 2017

MAIN ARTICLES: Administration Review; Membership; Customer Service; Complaints & Appeals; Statistics; Investment Review; Fund Account; Fund Performance; Asset Allocation; Portfolio Structure.


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Date 30/08/2017     File size  467 K