You can either complain by completing the complaints form below or if you would prefer, by letter to our HQ


We have a Customer Charter which describes the standard of service you can expect to receive from us. Whilst we always try to do things accurately and on time we recognise that things can, and sometimes do go wrong. If you feel that we have let you down, or failed to live up to your expectations then there are several things you can do.

Informal discussion
Problems that have arisen due to a misunderstanding or a lack of information can often be resolved without the need for a formal complaint. Our staff have been empowered to be able to resolve many complaint issues and in the first instance you should try and speak to the member of staff who has been dealing with the case or their line manager. If they can’t put things right for you or you have already tried this approach without success then you should submit a formal complaint.

Formal complaint
If the informal route has not resolved your complaint then you should now submit it to our Complaints Manager. You can either do this by completing the complaints form below or if you would prefer, by letter to our HQ.

If you make a formal complaint our Complaints Manager will: 

  respond to your complaint in writing within 3 days of its receipt

  endeavour to give you a full explanation of what went wrong and why and what we will do about it

If the Complaints Manager cannot give you a full explanation immediately either because more information is required or further investigations need to take place we will tell you so within 3 working days of receipt of your complaint.

Whilst we are always sorry when things do go wrong we strive to learn from our mistakes and always try to take something positive forward to avoid any repeat.

Complaint form

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