Employer sites

Employer Sites

We currently have 2 employer sites which our
employers use to access a variety of services

Employer Web

  • View Active Members: Earnings/Contributions, Hours, Personal Details
  • Submit Information: Joiners, Leavers, Changes, Absence
  • Request/Produce Retirement Costs: Redundancy, VER, Flexible Retirement
  • Upload Documents: Opt Out Forms, 50/50 Forms, Approval Documents
  • Use: Employer Trays Queries from SYPA
  • And Submit your Monthly Data Collection
EPIC – Employers Pensions Information Centre

Management Information:
  • Membership Statistics
  • Retirement Costs
  • Any Correspondence
  • Funding/Policies
Knowledge Base:
  • Ill Health Retirement Guidance/Forms
  • Auto-Enrolment Guide inc PSRN and EPSR
  • Booklets/Forms
  • LGPS 2014 HR and Payroll Guidance
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Employer Web