Monthly Data Submissions

Monthly Data FAQs


Any other submitted format will cause the file to be unreadable and will not allow the upload to proceed beyond Stage 1.


Any other date format will cause the upload to stop at Stage 1. This relates to any field on the return where a date is expected.


Entering an incorrect employer code can cause the affected member’s data to not load correctly, it can cause unexpected extra remittance lines at Stage 4 which can impact multiple employers, and it can result in the incorrect employer contributions to be calculated. Please ensure before proceeding that all employer codes are as expected.


With many errors the best way to prevent them from becoming an issue is to take a few minutes before submitting to ensure that all data is present and in the correct location and format. Once you are happy that all is correct and accounted for you should then create your .CSV file and perform the upload.


The date in the drop-down list at Stage 1 should always be the same as the effective date for the month being loaded. For example, when loading a January file, the effective date would always be the final day of January for that year (31/01/2021).


The file can sometimes become stuck at Stage 1 without any error pop-up box to show an issue with the file. In these instances, it can be owing to a system issue that is being investigated by our provider. When this occurs, please contact the relevant team at SYPA who will be able to move the process forward to the next stage.


Once the process has been validated at this step, any errors that can hinder the upload will be shown with a red cross (there will sometimes be some exclamation marks, but these are less vital and won’t prevent the upload). It’s imperative at this point all the red crosses are cleared before moving forwards. As you click into each line marked as an error a box should appear containing the members information and an error code in red at the bottom of this box. This code should give an idea as to what information has caused the problem so that a fix can be implemented. At this stage the information can be amended in the box that has just been opened so that the issue can be resolved, and the file can be moved forwards.


At this stage it is vitally important that you click into the line that appears and hit the button marked “Save and Validate”. Without this, SYPA are unable to create a remittance advice report and will not be able to collect the correct direct debit amount.


At this stage there should be the same number of lines as there are employers on the upload. If the process is for the upload of a single employer and more than one line exists then check the employer code first on the left-hand side, if the code does not match the expected employer code for one of these lines, then a member on the upload will have the wrong code entered and this will need to be changed on the upload spreadsheet and re-uploaded. In this instance, please contact SYPA for a new upload process.

If you have more than one line with the same employer code this could be caused by the process having been rolled back and then moved forwards again between Stage 4 and Stage 3. In this instance SYPA should be contacted for a new upload process as well. Please ensure that any errors are cleared before reaching Stage 4 to prevent the need to roll back at this step. Seeing the red cross at Stage 4 is normal as this should persist until each line has been saved and validated, at which point it will become a green tick.

If a bulk process is being uploaded with several different employers on a single file, then a line should exist for each location and should be designated the correct employer code for that location. Check that this is the case and then go into each line remembering to save and validate each one individually before moving forward to the next stage.